Friday, October 9, 2009

Houston Setup Day

Spent a strenuous afternoon setting up the stand at Quilt Market. Kept running into fellow Aussies. Strange to be on the other side of the world and hear your name shouted out across the exhibition hall by a friend from back home. There seems to be quite a few from Australia this year, exhibitors and visitors alike.

Back to the stand. I found it quite hard to create a nice display due mainly to the face the booth does not have any walls. There are white curtains but we are not allowed to hang anything from them or pin into them. The way the system works is your order a set or poles to hang on the inside of these curtains and from these you hang your quilts - easier said than done. The quilts came out of my suitcase all wrinkled, I usually just pull out the creases when I pin them to the stand wall but that won't work here. I did the best job I could but I will have to smuggle the iron from my hotel room in the morning so I can make an attack on the wrinkles and creases.

Everyone was so busy today setting up their own stands so consequently there were no wanderers checking out the other exhibitors. Therefore I have no feedback from anyone yet as to what they think of my designs. I have Blushing Romeo at the front of the stand and I would like get a feel for what people think of him. I am worried he maybe toooooo much for the US audience, but like him or not one thing for sure you will remember a pink zebra!

I got back to my hotel at 7.30pm and after a shower I am in the lobby writing this and watching baseball on the TV. There are quite a few people checking in, hopefully for Market tomorrow. I will sign off now as I have an early start in the morning.

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