Thursday, October 8, 2009

Houston Day One

Had a very productive day. Visited my US printer to check on progress and they have worked wonders for me. The Pattern Place catalog looks great and all of the other materials are in the process of being completed. Everything will be delivered directly to our stand ready for action on Friday. Went on from there and opened a US bank account which was also a very smooth process. This was just like we see in the older movies where the back staff sit in the middle of the room surounded my a half height ornate wooden wall, large wooden desks with green bankers lights and fantastic service. So now I am all set for customers!

Given everything went so well in the morning I had time to slip out to the Galleria shopping centre in the afternoon to engage in a bit of window shopping. No really windows shopping I did not buy anything - well hardly anything. What I did find however was my favourate icecream palour - Haggen Daz and my one weakness Rum n Raisin icecream.

From the little I have see of Houston while out and about it is a lovely city, lush and green but where are all the people, for a major city it is so quiet. There is a vast network of tunnels underground so you can walk around without having to come up to street level and contend with the heat and humidity but even they are quiet. The tunnels are great but boy is it easy to get lost, a few turns and I have no idea where I am.

Currently I am in the hotel lobby bar where they have a WiFi network and I am the only female in the room, I guess that will change when all the quilters arrive for Market and later for Festival. Well today was a great day and I enjoyed every minute catch you all tomorrow.

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