Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Final Day of Quilt Market

Final day of the International Quilt Market today. We were busy with shops placing their last minute orders after having collected information over the previous two days and reviewing in their hotel rooms at night. This means lots of packing once I return home which is great news for a small business trying to grow, especially in these times.

The stand has held up well over the course of market. I was a little worried as it is all held together with pins and nylon line, hanging from 8 foot metal poles. There are things I will do differently next time but it was always going to be a steep learning curve.

Each morning and afternoon we all catch a show shuttle bus between the hotel and convention centre and it is fun to listen to all the ladies gossip about their day and talk about the shopping they have done for their stores. In terms of market research this is invaluable information and has given me a few tips for tweaking the range of patterns I offer in the US.

It has been frustrating at times being on a show stand as I have been unable to wander the isles to see all the wonderful things but I intend to go wild at Festival and see everything. As I mentioned the school house series of information seminars was very informative last Friday and I have been coming in early to walk up and down the isles looking at the displays in the booths, picking up ideas and finding some wonderful new products to bring out to Australia next year.

I will have a down day in Houston tomorrow and very welcome it will be as jet lag has caught up and the brain is becoming fuzzy. Some would say that is more to do with age than jet lag as I can feel the same way on any given week back home! Houston has thrown everything at us weather wise over the past week but I need to go shopping for a thick jumper in order to overcome the chilly air-conditioning inside the show venue so I will be ready for Quilt Festival which starts in three days. But more about that soon…

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